Island Rock Kalbarri

Island Rock Kalbarri

Kalbarri Wildflowers

Kalbarri Wildflowers

Dawn at Kalbarri

Dawn at Kalbarri

Natures Window Kalbarri National Park

Natures Window Kalbarri National Park



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Kalbarri Attractions

Kalbarri attractions are plentiful

There are Kalbarri attractions for everyone’s taste. There is something to see and do for all age groups, all budgets and all different interests.
Whether you are a bird watching fanatic ( some 200 known species), a wildflower enthusiast (800 species), someone who likes to spend a few hours fishing , a bushwalker looking for stunning photography, or an admirer of the mighty humpback whales.

Kalbarri Attractions

Kalbarri Rainbow Jungle

Rainbow Jungle ~ Kalbarri attractions
Kalbarri Rainbow Jungle on Red Bluff Road is a ‘must see’ Kalbarri attraction. Probably one of the most unique parrot parks in Australia with exotic and rare parrots, rosellas and black cockatoos. A lot of time and money has been invested into creating the Rainbow Jungle to what it is today. Dont forget to climb the whaletower to look out over Jakes Point, you just might spot a whale.

Situated at Rainbow Jungle, is Parrotiso’s modern outdoor cinema which is well appointed with a snack bar, wood fired Pizza, Beer & Wine for sale. No BYO

Kalbarri National Park


The 183 000 hectare Kalbarri National Park is located on the lower reaches of the Murchison River. Truly a work in progress, the Kalbarri National Park has been formed over the past 400 million years with the Murchsion River cutting a swathe through the spectacular red and white banded gorges.

There are two separate gorge areas, the Coastal Gorges and the River Gorges. Each has unique features and scenery including wildflowers, wildlife and whales passing by in season. These are some of the attractions of this National Park, there are many more!

Explore the depths and heights of the river gorges and sea cliffs. Admire the floral beauty of the vast, rolling sandplains. Discover the intriguing cultural history of the area, the geology and the animals.


River Gorges – Nature’s Window, The Loop, Z Bend, Hawks Head and Ross Graham Lookout

Located 400 metres from the Nature’s Window car park this one of a kind rock formation has long been the draw card to Kalbarri. Nature’s Window is the starting and finishing point of The Loop, a six hour (approximately) eight kilometre walking trail, providing opportunities to view the winding gorge below. Please note: Adequate water , at least 3 to 4 litres per person, hat and sun protection is essential as well as proper walking shoes.

Lookouts are positioned around the river gorges to give different views of the meandering course of the Murchison River.

Nature’s Window is a natural rock arch which captures the Murchison River in the background giving excellent photo opportunities. Z-Bend is an easy 500 metre walk from the car park. You will be greeted with amazing scenery from the safety of the lookout, with the Murchison River 150 metres below

Coastal Cliffs -Red Bluff, Mushroom Rock, Rainbow Valley, Pot Alley, Eagle Gorge, Shell House, Grandstand, Island Rock and Natural Bridge.

kalbarri attractions

All formed by the power of wind and water. The Kalbarri Coastal Gorges start at Red Bluff ( approx 3KMS South of the township) and extend 13 KMS South to Island Rock and Natural Bridge.
Ideal for the photography buffs, whale watching, wildflower lovers ( in season), bush walkers and for those enjoying being close to nature. There are numerous sign posted walking trails which allow you to explore the beautiful coastline and do a spot of whale watching between June and November and dolphin spotting all year round. All access roads are bitumenised for ease of access.

Blue Holes ….Just South of the town is the popular snorkeling beach Blue Holes. With numerous rock pools to explore and sandy beach to relax and pass the time, put the Blue Holes on your to do list whilst in Kalbarri.

Red Bluff …. Well known for its scenery, fishing, swimming and snorkeling with a back drop of the Red Bluff lookout. Red Bluff comes alive at sunset when the rusty red cliffs have the setting sun shining off the rock face. Also a popular place for weddings!

Pot Alley …. Beach access from the walk trail makes Pot Alley a local favourite. Ideal for fishing and photographers. Around the dusk period kangaroos can be spotted feeding amongst the scrub.

Mushroom Rock Nature Trail…. Mushroom Rock Walk Trail is 3 KMS in length. Whilst enjoying the trail take in the geological formations formed over the years by waves breaking against the cliffs and keep an eye out for the local kangaroos feeding early morning and late afternoon. Allow between one and two hours to stroll the marked circuit that connects Rainbow Valley and Mushroom Rock. Please remember to carry water with you on the walk and wear appropriate clothing. Eagle Gorge ….Enjoy the panoramic view from the crest of Eagle Gorge or take the nature trail down to the beach.

Kalbarri Attractions kalbarri_Island_Rock
Island Rock & Natural Bridge …. Accessible to all, picnic shelter and toilets make this gorge and ideal stop off point for lunch or an enjoyable sunset late in the day. A lookout has been constructed to give unrivaled views back up the coast including Natural Bridge. Bring your camera and spend some quality time watching the local wildlife at play.


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